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About Us

ACG Digital Design aims to reinvent the way websites are developed, through creating a process where you are involved at each step of the way, allowing us to create a website that is an ideal fit for your company. The technology we use is continuously evolving, whether this be through improved Search Engine Optimisation or the way your site runs, we never stop improving your site by being in sync with industry and technology evolution as it happens.

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Working with Us

Our Values

Customer Oriented

ACG Digital Design focuses on helping our clients meet their long-term needs and wants. We align our individual and team objectives around satisfying our clients. There is no room for compromise in terms of our clients coming first.


Professionalism encompasses not only how we think, but how we act. This is the very least you should expect from us.


As our company grows your website and company symbiotically benefit. As we develop and trial new technologies across our broadening client base we are constantly learning and improving. You will benefit from our ability to keep pace with technology advancement and innovation.

Meet the Team

Amy Charlotte Gressier

Director and Founder

My name is Amy Gressier and I am passionate about Information Technology and how it can improve the lives of everyone it touches.  I love Star Wars, my dogs and cooking.

I am a Graduate from Loughborough University, with a First Class degree in Information Technology Management for Business (BSc). My studies allowed me to understand the critical fundamentals of website development, as well as Search Engine Optimisation and user experience.

As a result, I chose to specialise in Website Design and Development; Those skills I developed at university have been strengthened over the past four years through contract work that I have undertaken for a range of clients.

In 2020, I made the decision to found ACG Digital Design as I wanted to take the skills I learnt in customer service, my degree and various jobs to create a company which allows clients to not only improve their understanding of technology, but also gain the skills to apply it to their own websites and work.  

One of the aspects of website design and development that I have observed first hand is that too frequently not enough attention is paid by developers to the actual wants and needs of the client and end users.  My aim is to make this front and centre of everything we do.